About IncubateIND Fellowship

INCIND Technology Fellowship is a unique and exclusive program for the coders, hackers, designers and innovators of tomorrow. As part of this fellowship, you will get an opportunity to develop your skills through working with senior technology leaders and industry experts.

Over the years, a lot of talented students seeking opportunities to sharpen their skills have joined IncubateIND to get to work with industry leaders and to understand the complexities of the tech world. This Fellowship will make students work with technology leaders, and it aims to improve the chances of a few selected students to get hired by their dream organizations in the future.

How To Register?

for students
1. Online Application

Fill and submit the online form to be shortlisted for the fellowship program.

for teachers
2. Interview of Shortlisted Candidates

Interview will be either in person or telephonic.

Our Fellows

Abhijit Tripathy

The best thing about being a Fellow at Incubate is to get a chance of learning from smart peoples around and help building a community of innovators.

Risiraj Dey

Risiraj is a Security Enthusiast with a keen interest in AI and Blockchain Technology. He plays for the CTF Team "DarkArmy" and often indulges in Open Source Contributions and organizing events. He is also a Zubi EmergeTech Influencer and one of the members of InterSquad Cyber Intelligence.


Getting awesome seminars to attend

Aditya Tak

The Fellows program is an awesome opportunity to connect, learn and showcase your skills. I am thoroughly enjoying connecting with people from different domains and doing fun activities together.
Fellows program have given me many opportunities to upskill myself through workshops, webinars and other community events. I also got the chance to help in organizing an International Hackathon - Onehackathon and other events which were enriching and knowledgeable.

Ayush Pandey

Hey! Incubate Ind fellowship program is the best platform for someone who is looking to learn and wanna get new opportunities to learn from experts, to host sessions, to spread knowledge, Contribute in open-source, take parts in hackathons, learn from industry-experts than this one gonna be the right choice for you. Incubate Community is so career-oriented you get to learn so much from other members, you can collab with them work with them .In all, this is the best platform for you if you wanna do something out of your comfort box and make a mark in this competitive world..

Nikhil Pratap Singh

I became the fellow member of incubateIND in June 2020 and my experience with the program is amazing . It gives opportunities to improve your leadership and communication skills . You will interact with the like minded people and make connections and you can attend different workshops, Hackathons and webinars online to enhance your knowledge and skills and You also get goodies , swags for completing the tasks and at last I want to say if you want to experience something great you should join this program .

Rakshith Ramesh

Joining The fellowship program has been a boon for me. At first, I had no clue about what exactly this program is about, who are the new faces I am going to meet. I got to learn, sharpen my skills, meet new people, and grow my connections. This program is for the ones who are really focused on their career and it gives you the platform which you need to utilize by yourself. I take this opportunity to thank the founders and members of IncubateIND for such a wonderful initiative.

Vikas Rathore

It's great to be a part of IncubateIND family . I learn a lot of things from the bootcamps, webinars, workshops organised by IncubateIND . All team members and mentors are very supportive and active . I also participate in hackathon organised by you guys and also got selected . Thanks for such a great experience.

Ashwin Kumar R

I'm very happy to ba a fellow in the great community.
They stand out in all events and hackathons compare to other community fests, this community helps me to learn time management, communication, and a lot of technical skills by their hackathons and virtual meets. I also suggest my friends about this community they also very interested to join in more hackathon fests, and they got more experience with valuable certificates.
I'm really very proud of being a fellow in the great IncubateIND community.

Gautam kumar

Cloud computing

Gautam kumar

Cloud computing

Gautam kumar

Cloud computing


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