10 tech developments that will change your life

There is no denying in the fact that technology has made great discoveries in the past few decades. It has not only taken over all our tough jobs but changed our lives dramatically, giving it a seamless approach. Like every year, 2017 has also been a revolutionary year with new innovations and discoveries. Since 2002, MIT Technology Review has published its list of 10 breakthrough technologies. Let’s have a look at the major developments of 2017.


Practical Quantum Computers: According to MIT tech review, Quantum computers could be faster at running artificial-intelligence programs and handling complex problems. It could even create uncrackable encryption. There will be applications nobody has yet imagined. There is also an availability of corporate funding for the quantum computers this year from the big names like Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft. Its projected availability is 4-5 years.



Reversing Paralysis: With reversing paralysis, the scientists aims to bring back the movements in a paralyzed body of a human being through a neuroprosthetic device. The researchers are now trying to restore the movements using a wireless brain-reading technology. This technology will be connected to electrical stimulators in the body which will be able to create a neural bypass. The goal of this technology is to improve rehabilitation and is not meant to be a permanent fix. The availability of this technology is 10-15 years.



Self-Driving Trucks: Another breakthrough of 2017 is the self-driving trucks which multiple companies are now testing. The time is not far when the automated trucks will overtake the job of millions of truck drivers. According to logistics giant DHL, the self-driving trucks will be more fuel efficient and could help the company address driver shortages. It will not only complete the long routes efficiently but also change the nature of jobs. It will erode their pay and eventually replace many of them altogether. The companies in this area include Daimler, Otto, Peterbilt, and Volvo. This will be available in 5-10 years.



Paying with your face: Currently being used in China, this technology makes your financial transactions by recognizing your face using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. The Face++, a Beijing-based startup(backed by a subsidiary of AlibabaAlipay and the commercial bank Ant Financial) uses facial recognition to confirm payments. Along with the financial transactions, it is also used in other everyday activities such as identification, granting access and even tracking down criminals. Key companies in this area include Alibaba, Baidu, and Face++.



Reinforcement Learning: Reinforcement learning is an approach to artificial intelligence that gets computers to learn like people, without explicit instruction. It is also an enabling technology for self-driving trucks, where reinforcement learning algorithms can be used to provide greater contextual intelligence. It is predicted to be made available in 1-2 years. The major players in reinforcement learning are DeepMind, Google, Mobileye, OpenAI, and Uber.



The Cell Atlas: Predicted to be available in 5 years, this technology will create a master catalog of every cell type in the human body which will be called “cell atlas,” or “map of human cells”. According to the researchers, the mapping of the human cells will speed up the discovery and testing of new drugs.



The 360-Degree Selfie:  In this, the consumer cameras that produce 360° images provides a realistic sense of events or places. The photos and videos with this technology are predicted to become the new standard for everything that camera captures, from news coverage to vacation shots. The leading players in this sphere are 360fly, Humaneyes Technologies, IC Real Tech, JK Imaging, Ricoh, and Samsung.



Hot Solar Cells:  It is a solar power device that could increase the efficiency of conventional solar cells. According to the report, various researchers have been working for years on so-called solar thermophotovoltaics but the MIT device is the first one to absorb more energy than its photovoltaic cell alone. It is a crude prototype that operates at 6.8 percent efficiency which is more than the standard solar cells which can never turn more than 32 percent of energy efficiency. The new design could lead to inexpensive solar power that keeps working after the sun sets. It is predicted to be available in 10-15 years.



Botnets of Things:  The problem of botnet attacks has become one of the major issues in the world today. Botnets have been responsible for some of the most costly security incidents experienced during the last 10 years. Therefore, a lot of effort goes into defeating botnet malware and shutting botnets down. The cyber-attack caused by Mirai botnet last year has proved that the situation is getting worst day by day and that something needs to be done to stop such attacks and makes our appliances secure. There are several companies which sell defenses against severe botnets attacks, their effectiveness varies, depending on the severity of the attack and the type of service.



Gene Therapy 2.0: Gene therapy 2.0 has caught much attention in the year 2017 as the first gene therapy is on track for approval in the U.S. More are on the way. Key players in this domain are BioMarin, BlueBird Bio, GenSight Biologics, Spark Therapeutics, and UniQure.