Qualcomm announces its next generation flagship processor

Qualcomm, a global chipmaker has announced Snapdragon 845 as its next-generation flagship processor at Snapdragon Tech Summit. Snapdragon 845 is a successor of Snapdragon 835 which was introduced last year by Qualcomm.


“Qualcomm Technologies continues to transform the way people use their mobile devices,” said Cristano Amon, EVP, Qualcomm Technologies and QTC.


The latest processor is expected to bring improved performance, better power efficiency, and improved image processing and is likely to come in many high-end Android phones in 2018.


Qualcomm will pair the 845 with its latest X20 LTE modem, which provides gigabit connectivity on supported networks and is expected to feature the same 10nm manufacturing process that 835 featured.

The chip is expected to be found in non-Android devices, as well, including Windows 10 PCs.