Validate Market Appetite

As project-based challenges, it’s hackathons that come closest to simulating the ways developers will engage with your products/Service API as well as testing a candidate's capabilities of handling challenges in the workplace.

Raise Brand Awareness

Associating your brand with a hackathon can change the public’s perception of your brand and help acquire developer mindshare. Hosting a hackathon or getting involved as a sponsor is an efficient way to deliver more awareness about your company to a prime, target audience – the maker community – and increase brand exposure in the tech world.

Hackathons build a bridge to the Developer Community

For companies whose competencies lie in providing technology solutions, hackathons help establish two-way conversations between those that develop the technology (APIs, APKs, data sets etc) and the people that use them. This feedback loop increases developer adoption, which is crucial if solutions are to proliferate across new channels.

Evangelize Developers

In our technology-centric world, even the industrial landscape – like the Taxi industry – is not exempt of unpredictable disruption by technology startups. To stay current and connected to the makers and entrepreneurs that may be leading these overnight sensations, it has become increasingly important for all businesses to engage with and create an innovation community of their own. Developers, the experts in the universal language of change – code – provide the fuel to generate these innovations and are the center of gravity of such invention-focussed communities.

Partnership and Mentors

We connect ambitious hackers with thought-leaders and experienced entrepreneurs to help them become more versatile and create fundable start-ups.

Bring Together Cross-Function Teams and External Participation

We bring hackers and hustlers from multi-culture background, providing with multidimensional perspective on problems faced by your organization

About Us

We help our corporate clients innovate and develop new solution by FUELLING curiosity, coding know-how and caffeine of hackers and hustlers. From fashion hackathons to Bots hackathons, big banks to new technologies, you name the industry and we’ve thrown a corporate hackathon for them. So if you’ve ever wondered how your new API will do in the wild or how to inspire innovation in your team or just how to grow your brand’s awareness in the developer community, students and entrepreneurs we can help.

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