This AI startup keeps an eye on all your movements. Unbelievable?

What if I say that Silver Logic Labs (SLL), an AI startup is keeping an eye on all the tiny movements you do? What if I say this startup can catch your lie easily? Well, yes this is true.

According to a story by the next web, this start-up has created an algorithm that analyzes human movements, using a camera, and determines what that person is feeling. The startup claims to solve people lie.

What happens when people watch movies with others? Does this experience intensify their emotions? SLL has an answer to this question. The company can decompose an emotional response to anything that a person can engage with. Their technology helps movie studios to understand emotional connection between an audience and a movie. The company also claims to predict Nielsen rating and that the lowest accuracy rating they’ve got is about 89 percent.

Alongside movie studios, SLL is also contributing in other sectors in detecting if someone liked something or not? or how someone is reacting to something?

The company wants to change the way law enforcement works. According to them, dash-cams and body-cams that utilize this technology will save lives.

For example- if anyone sees someone running and assumes he needs help and, in reality, that person has a pound of explosives with him. It can predict from the fact that the activity of a person varies from emotion to emotion.

This technology can also be used for educational purposes. How students respond to a teacher, or to tailor a specific lesson to an individual could help a lot of people, especially those who aren’t benefiting from traditional methods.